The Skin Trade

The Skin Trade


  • Ryan Colucci
  • Producer
  • Mark B. Newbauer
  • Producer
  • George R.R. Martin
  • Author


  • In Development
When a string of grotesque killings begins to strike her small city, private detective Randi Wade becomes suspicious. A serial killer is taking the skin of its victims and the grisly murders remind her all too much of her own father’s death almost twenty years ago. As the police hit a dead end, Randi goes on a search for answers of her own... But when a close friend suddenly becomes a target, he is forced to reveal a startling secret about himself and Randi is quickly pulled into a dark underworld where monsters exist and prey on the living.

From best-selling author George R.R. Martin, creator of HBO’s A Game of Thrones, comes this chilling werewolf tale about a small town with a terrifying secret and a savage killer with a taste for more than blood.

The novella originally appeared in the horror anthology Night Visions 5, featuring the work of Stephen King, Dan Simmons and Martin. First published in 1988, it was later reissued in paperback by Berkley two years later under The Skin Trade title. The novella is also being turned into a comic-book miniseries/graphic novel by acclaimed publisher Avatar Press.