The Beast

The Beast


  • Ryan Colucci
  • Creator / Writer
  • Zsombor Huszka
  • Artist
  • Karol Wisniewski
  • Co-Editor / Letterer


  • The Beast will be the next book Zsombor Huszka draws
A high school football team takes a weeklong trip to a preseason camp in the recesses of a mountain town. While the coaches turn a blind eye, the charismatic running back begins a hazing ritual that quickly gets out of control and turns the camp and the team into his private army. The star quarterback resists and must battle the team he used to command.

The Beast offers an uncompromising view of what teens today have to go through. Whenever you see a film or read a story about hazing, or bullying, it is usually the ‘popular’ kids menacing someone less popular or not part of the team. When, in reality, just being part of the team isn’t always enough. You have to live up to a certain expectation. And the punishment doled out to those who do not is severe and sometimes unfathomable.