• Ryan Colucci
  • Creator / Writer
  • Igor Wolski
  • Pencils
  • Pawel Sambor
  • Inks / Letterer
  • Dmitry Dubrovin
  • Coloring
  • Karol Wisniewski
  • Co-Editor


  • In production
The sleepy town of Libertyville is turned upside down when a businessman brings his son a rare and mythical Bulderlyn egg from a trip overseas. The egg hatches and not one, but two mythical creatures emerge. One moves like lightning and the other like thunder, with personalities to match. Pretty soon the larger, angrier one besieges the town. The small boy and the remaining, gentle creature must teach each other the meaning of courage as they attempt to save the town from the beast.

A young adult graphic novel to be published in 2014. It is reminiscent of past books such as smash-hit Blankets, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Amulet and Flight.

Only in college when he started drawing Bulerlyns, Igor is fresh comic book artist from Poland. Moscow-based Dmitry ‘Lemon5ky’ Dubrovin is providing colors and together they are poised to make a big splash with their unique vision for Bulderlyns.
Bulderlyns, page 1 (color).Bulderlyns, page 2 (color).Bulderlyns, page 3 (color).