Orient City

Orient City


  • Ryan Colucci
  • Co-Director, Producer, Story by
  • Zsombor Huszka
  • Co-Director, Lead Animator, Story By
  • RJ Hendricks
  • Executive Producer
  • Slava Pogorelsky
  • Sound Design


  • Pre-Production
When a little girl and her family are attacked by ninjas in the unforgiving Orient City, the broken down, opium-addicted kung fu monk charged with protecting her sets out to exact brutal, bittersweet revenge on those responsible.

'Orient City' is a kung fu steampunk, spaghetti western that features gorgeous hand-drawn animation mixed with lush 3D worlds filled with white-knuckle action. It features popular elements attractive to audiences worldwide as an epic good versus evil story uniquely situated amidst a world of dark secrets and mystifying lore.

A towering place, it is made up of four inhabited rocks surrounded by the infinite sea. Above the clouds, its skyscrapers give opulent ambiance for the high society while, as we go closer to sea level, buildings are jammed together and carved in the rock walls. Down here people live in poverty and constant fear of crime. They travel on boats in the murky lagoons, and above the ground they use cable cars. Traditional western haunts such as bars, brothels, barbershops and pawnshops are crammed around cable car stations.