• Ryan Colucci
  • Co-Director, Writer, Producer, Co-Creator
  • Zsombor Huszka
  • Co-Director, Lead Animator, Producer
  • Sacha Jean-Louis
  • Co-Creator
  • RJ Hendricks
  • Executive Producer


  • Production
A naughty child gets more than he bargained for when he attempts to capture Saint Nicholas and instead walks in on Krampus as he and his loyal Toadies replace his presents with a lump of coal.

While Saint Nicholas concerns himself with the good children, Krampus is responsible for the naughty list. Although they have been the ying-yang of Christmas for centuries, Krampus has started to feel disrespected over the last few decades. Armed with a sharp tongue and wit to match, he rightly believes that the loss of his services would create a society with no accountability; a world full of spoiled children that become entitled adults.

The holiday family film is done in exquisite 3D painted over hand-drawn animation creating a captivating CG world.